Our Products

Sterilization Rolls
Sterilization Reels. We use the Dupont brand Tyvek materail for our sterilizaton roll manufacturing. DuPont™ Tyvek® is used to ...

Tyvek Header Bag
Tyvek Pouch, Header Wrap. When your medical device requires a film, film package or foil pouch, header bags made with DuPont™ Tyvek® ...

Medical indicators
Autoclave Tape. An autoclave is a pressure chamber used to carry out industrial processes requiring elevated temperature and...
Container Padlock
Plastic PadLock Seal. Security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and ...
Medical Wrap Paper
Crepe Papers. Our crepe papers are used for medical sectors also...Paper that is creped is produced on a paper...

ProEnd- FT Medical is

A manufacturer of Sterilization Rolls and Pouches, Tyvek roll, tyvek Header Bag, AutoClave tape, medical wrap papers, crepe papers, and plastic container lock.